We like to discover new places, but Šumava is always mystical for us again and again.

Apartment Javor Kilián

Šumava Kvilda|Apartment |52 m2

Apartment Za bukem

Hojsova Stráž Brčálník|Apartment |55 m2

Meadow house

Brdy|House with pool and garden |110 m2


Šumava Kvilda

Ski resort Kvilda / Lookout tower Jezerní slať u Kvilda / Helmet (1219 m) / Sokol (Antýgl) (1253 m) / Lookout tower Churáňov / Ski resort Zadov - Churáňov / Polecký vrch (1121 m) / Ski resort Kašperské Hory / Strážný (1115 m) ) / Javorník (1066 m) / Klostermann Lookout Tower / Poledník Lookout Tower (1315 m) / Žlíbský vrch (1133 m) / Kunžvart Castle Ruins / Vimperk Castle / Rocky Ridge (1072 m) / Horní Vltavice Ski Resort / Kašperk Castle / Boubín Lookout Tower ( 1362 m)


Brdy and Bohemian Karst

Mníšek pod Brdy Chateau / Karlštejn Castle / Rotunda of St. Martin in Karlík / Koněprusy Caves / Dobříš Chateau / Aquapark Beroun / Studený vrch Lookout Tower / Vrané Reservoir / Městská Hora Lookout Tower / Lhotka u Berouna Lookout Tower / Oleško Japanese Garden


Šumava Iron Ore / Hojsova Stráž Brčálník

Brčálnický buk / Bílá strž / Black and Devil's Lake / Brčálnické wetlands / Lakmal / Královský hvozd / Svobodná niva / Můstek (1235 m) / Špičák Lookout Tower / Špičák (1202 m) / Špičák Ski Resort / St. Britty v Datelově / Jezerní hora (1343 m) / Wooden chapel in Měšťiště / Lookout tower Pancíř / Dam Nýrsko / Ostrý (1293 m) / Ski resort Železná Ruda Nad nádražím - Belvedere / Ski resort Samoty / Javorná (1090 m) / Ski resort Velký javor / Grosser Arber (1456 m) Germany


We follow what is going on in our places and we give you tips on what to do and where to be in the right place at the right time

Boubin forest

04.03.2022 12:38

A popular destination for a trip, during the trip to the top you can visit the information center and also through the information system to get...


Ski resort Kvilda

14.02.2022 12:01

Kvilda Ski Resort is a family, newly modernized, ski resort in the heart of Šumava in the village of Kvilda, near the famous resort Zadov-Churáňov....


Skiing on the Great Maple

14.02.2022 12:01

For lovers of downhill skiing, we recommend the Great Maple Resort (Grosse Arber, Germany) a 15-minute drive from Iron Ore. Large parking areas,...

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